Christopher Hoult

Software engineer, actor, speaker, print designer


So, in the past couple of days, a well-meaning friend posted the following image into a chat channel populated 50% by software engineers:

A white mug with pseudocode (perhaps Java?) on it;
its handle is blue, and there is a blue spoon slotted through holes in the top and bottom of the handle so that it is readily available for use

What they assumed was a nice nod to the coders soon became something of a nightmare as we all just... code reviewed the mug.

I'm sure if you've worked in software development for a while, you've seen this kind of effect before - someone publishes code or pseudo-code on a promotional item or in marketing material as a way to establish geek cred, or perhaps to attract talent for a hiring campaign. If you've worked with teams actively hiring, you might even have seen your own employers attempting this - and are probably aware that the exact same reaction to my friend's mug shot is bound to happen both internally and externally around such efforts.

Well, in the pursuit of purity - and perhaps as a way for me to explore my own thinking about how code should be reasoned about - here is a brief attempt at code reviewing the mug; in future posts I hope to refactor it...